Types of Annuities

Immediate Annuities

AMAC Lifetime Income Program

AMAC Lifetime Income Plan with Cash Refund from American National Insurance Company.

Is an Immediate Annuity Right for Me?

We are living longer than ever. For many of us the possibility of outliving our retirement savings is daunting. A Single Premium Immediate Annuity may be able to help solve this dilemma.

Guaranteed Income for Life – Regardless of Market Conditions

Important Palladium Annuity Benefits:

  • Guaranteed income no matter how long you live
  • Your money will not be lost if you decease prematurely
  • Full surrender for commuted value (Unique for this program)
  • Issued up to age 90
  • Exclusively for AMAC members

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5 Year Guaranteed Interest Annuity!!

Safe — Secure — Simple

A sensible alternative to low paying CD’s

  • In a guaranteed annuity 100% of your money earns interest from the very first day.
  • Unlike variable annuities, there are no sales charges or management fees.
  • The interest you earn is not taxed each year- only when you withdraw the funds.
  • The interest Rate is fixed for the term of the annuity and cannot be changed.
  • They are easy to start!

Why renew a CD at a lower rate when you can earn more with a guaranteed interest annuity?

Annuity vs. Certificate of Deposit

Compare two top investments – Traditional Certificates of Deposit (CD’s), vs. Guaranteed interest rate Annuities. Keep in mind higher interest rates are available from annuities.

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